Sunday, July 10, 2011

Red Desires

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The twinkle star i am using is from Monti, I don't have the site and i'm sorry, if this is your twink i would be more than happy to give you the credit for it.

I am using the beautiful artwork from Barbara Jensen called " Red Room " you can find her artwork

Open your aniamtion in Animation Shop

Copy and paste my template in PSP

Copy - paste your tube, you will find there are many ways to dress up your tube to fit your style so have fun and be creative

Using your magic wand click inside your black box on the left and paste your tube in

Selections - invert

Activate your tube and click delete

Copy - paste your tube again

Using your magic wand click inside your right box and repeat the above steps to remove excess tube

Reduce the opacity to 60% on both tubes

Move both tubes and boxes down onto each other like the image below

Image 1

Merge all layers together and remember to put the artist copyright and your watermark on your design

Lets take it to animation

Copy - paste your image as " new animation"

Duplicate your design x9 to equal 10 frames..this is to equal the number of frames on your twinkle star

Click your twinkle star

Edit - select all - edit - copy

Now click on your design

Edit - selecte all - edit - paste into selected frame and paste around your hearts like the main image at the top

Resize if desired and save as gif

Below is another design with the tube added again

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