Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bed Of Roses

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Bed Of Roses Supplies

I am using the artwork of Jennifer Janesko called " yours " i bought it on CILM a few years ago, I'm not sure what site she's on now, So use your own favorite artist tube

I am also using the free scrap kit called TW-Kiss-Kiss you can find it Here

Open up my template in psp

Copy - paste Doodle3 and resize 80% and move to the left

Right click - duplicate - image - mirror - flip ( see main design )

Selections - select all - float - defloat and flood fill with #c00000

Copy - paste your tube, if you are using the same tube as i am, resize to 90% and trim off excess dress to fit inside the gold ring, like shown below

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Make sure your layers are arranged like image below

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Copy - paste Flower3 and move this layer under your female tube, trim off any petals thats over lapping your gold circle and give it your favorite drop shadow

Copy - paste your Gold Rose and resize to 50% and move to the left, look at main image at the top

Copy - paste Bow2 and resize to 35%

Image - free rotate - Left Free-20.00 and move on the rose how you like it

Give it a drop shadow if you like

Copy - paste Blood Roses2 and resize to 50% and move to the right over the gold circle...Duplicate and then flip
See main image

Copy - paste pearls1 and resize 35% move over your roses

Effects - edge effect - enhance

Copy - paste - effects - enhance and move this under the red circle layer

Right click - duplicate - image - flip

Merge all layers visible

Image - add border - 3 symmetric color #c00000

Image - add border - 4 symmetric color white

Using your magic wand click inside the white border and flood fill with your gold pattern

Effects - edge effects - enhance

Put your watermark and the artist copyright and lets take it to animation


Duplicate your design to equal 10 , as many that is in the twinkle

Activate your twinkles

Edit - select all - edit - copy

Activate your design

Edit - select all - edit - paste into current frame and place it anywhere you want..and continue doing this until you have as much twinkle as you want

Resize if you want and save as gif

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