Friday, May 13, 2011

Attitude Babe

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My Template

I am using the wonderful artwork of Arthur Crow-Hilary you can find his work Here

I am using Twilight New Moon by Chica Designz you can find it Here

Open up my template in psp-hold down Shift key and press D to duplicate this and close out the orginal

Copy - paste Arthur Crows tube2 and place above your black box

Give the tube a drop shadow- V-3, H-3, Opacity-3 Blur-3 color-black

Using your magic wand click inside your lower bigger box

Effects - plugins - PhotoEffex - Scanlines and use the following settting
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Effects - edge effect - enhance


Activate your two smaller boxes at the top and repeat above step

I flood filled my bottom white layer with black because i just love that color but you can use any color you wish

Copy - paste Keychain_2 and resize to 30% and move to the right see main image
at the top

Using your lasso rope tool outline part of the chain like image below then delete

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Copy - paste Rose_1 and resize 30% and position to the right see final design

Merge all your layers together

Image - borders - color #808080 Symmetric 5 and give your image a border

Using magic wand click inside the gray border

Effects - EyeCandy - Chrome

Effects - edge effects - enhance


If you're happy with your final design place the proper copyright and watermarks

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