Thursday, April 28, 2011

Witchy Woman

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I am using the beautiful art work of Keith Garvey " KittyKat" his work can be found Here

My Witchy Woman Template Can Be Found

Plugin-Filters Unlimited

Open new image 600x500 and flood fill with black

Foreground color-black..Background color-#87090a

Copy and paste your " Witchy Woman" template

Using your magic wand click inside your circle

Effects - Filters Unlimited - Render - Clouds (fore/background color)

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Copy and paste your image 1 of your tube into your circle

Selections - invert..activate your tube and click delete


Drop the opacity to 65%

Merge all your layers together

Copy - paste your rose and candle and move to the lower left

Copy - paste your image 2 of your tube resize to 98% and move to the right like shown below

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Give the tube a drop shadow of V-3, H-3, Opacity-100, Blur-3 Color-Black

Be sure to put the artist copyright and your watermark on it

Image - border and give your design a border with the settings below

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You can animate it if you like, such as glitter, sparkles

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