Monday, April 18, 2011

The Rose


I am using the beautiful artwork of Barbara Jensen her work can be found

I am using the beautiful scrapkit ps-iloveyou from simplysensationalscraps
it can be found

Open new image 600x500 flood fill with black

Copy - Paste your rose frame onto your image

Copy - Paste your rose paper and arrange it below your frame layer

Edit - Paste your Barbara Jensen tube into your frame and resize to 80% see image below


Copy - Paste flowerbranch2 and resize to 70% and place on the lower right , duplicate and go to image - mirror

Copy - Paste golddeco4 and resize 70% and place above your frames

Keep your golddeco4 activated go to Adjust - sharpeness - sharpen

Copy - Paste feather 3 and resize to 65%, using your lasso chop off the parts hanging from the frame


Copy - Paste rose3 and move to the right, trim off bottom tip of rose, duplicate - mirror

Your image should look like below...check the arrangement in your layer palette


See image below


Merge all your flower layers and your golddeco, close off and merge all other layers visible

Your layers should look like below


Duplicate your flower layer x2 to equal 3 layers

Effects - plugins - VM Nautral - Sparkles and uese these settings


Activate your second layer and use same settings but move the " random speed "

Repeat above step on your bottom layer

Duplicate your main image layer x2 and move one under each flower layer and merge one down upon another until you have 3 layers

Place your watermark and artist copyright

Activate your top layer.....take to animation

Paste - as new animation

Back to psp, activate your second layer and take to animation

Back to psp and activate your bottom layer and take to animation

View your design and save as gif

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