Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pink N Pearls

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I am using the beautiful artwork of Jamie Kidd called Red Alert. It can be found Here

Copy - paste your template

Copy - paste raster 2 and then duplicate her and closer her off for right now, now move your tube to the upper left frame

Activate your frame , selections invert, now activate your tube and hit delete

Duplicate your tube and then mirror and move to lower right frame

Now unhide your other tube and make sure its in the middle your layers should look like below

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Merge - visible

Copy - paste your star and put them where ever you like..I put them around the corners of the outter boxes and then merged them all down

Duplicate the star

Effects - edge effects - enhance, Now duplicate this layer

Effects - edge effects - enhance more

Duplicate your layer with your tubes and trace around the lady tubes necklace and bracet with your lasso tool

Activate your top layer

Effects - plugins - Xenofex - Constellation and use these settings

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Activate your middle layer and repeat the step above but change the random speed

Activate the third layer and repeat the above step


Now merge one pink layer under one star layer

then merge then down upon each other like shown below

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Remeber to put the artist copyright and your wartermark on each layer and take to animation one layer at a time

Save as gif

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